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Know About Us

Proficient in Astrology, Vastu Shastra, Palmistry and other various forms of consultancy, Pt. Subodh Pandey’s knowledge and expertise make him one of the best astrologer and consultant in India.

He has received numerous accolades, including the International Vastu Association's "Highest Brilliant Award of Vastu in 1998." His astrological methods mix Indian and Western astrology to arrive at scientifically sound conclusions. Through efficient astrological remedies and Vastu suggestions, he has been helpful in altering the lives of countless people from all walks of life.

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+91 9826395455

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Horoscope Consultation

Are you looking for guidance and insights into your life's journey ?

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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian architecture and design science focusing on creating

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Astrology Teaching

We offer astrology classes to those who aspire to gain or expand their knowledge in this field.

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Online Pooja Booking

As the world becomes increasingly digital, so do our religious practices.

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Shop Gemstones

Welcome to our gemstone collection, where you can find various high-quality gemstones.

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What Client Says

Golden Nuggets Of Our Clients Vouching For Our Astrological Services

Subodh Syam Pandey has entirely transformed my perspective on Vastu and astrology, transforming me from an outright sceptic to a firm believer. I never imagined that Vastu could make a difference in my life. He recently assisted me in resolving a number of situations when I was encountering some difficulties. He completely altered my viewpoint.

Subodh Syam Pandey has a deep understanding of astrology. Everything he mentioned was absolutely correct!! Thank you so much for the foresight. He is both polite and straightforward. In today's world, it's rare to come across a genuine human being. Simple but genuine. Everyone should read it

For a long time, I had been losing money in my business. I was Utterly unware of vastu principles, and it was only consulting astrology specialist Subhod Shayam Pandey that i discovered that my shop ha many Vastu Flaws. Panditji assited me greatly in correcting the vastu flaws, and i was able to regain financial stability in my profession within a few months.